Who is Meg Ryan Current Boyfriend Dating 2016 Are Engaged to Married Now John Mellencamp Back Together

Last time Meg Ryan official relationship was reported with John Mellencamp who is an American popular rock star songwriter and singer. These two were veterans dated in the first meeting. Couple has UN stable relationship for around four years. Both were publicly appeared as a happy couple and seen many times in New York. It was also rumored that they were engaged and in past their married plan was also in pipeline. But last year in August, they broke up their relationship due to long distance. As Meg was living in New York and John was living in Indiana and preferred to live there more. During last days their back together was reported, but John was not ready for this kind of reaction. In future he might traveled to New York for love. Now Meg has decided to spend maximum time with children from ex husband.

Current Relationship Status

  • Who is Meg Ryan Current Boyfriend Dating 2016? Single

Meg Ryan always dreams of deep, passionate and intense relationship with her dearest ones. Therefore, Meg tried to marry the person to whom she loves that person at an intense level. She is she is a very possessive and jealous sort of person in terms of partnership. Ryan appears to be suspicious in her personal relationship.

Meg Ryan relation

Short Bio: Beautiful and talented American actress and film producer Meg Ryan was born in Fairfield. Her mother Susan was a casting director and an actress as well as an English teacher at school while her father Harry was a teacher of mathematics by profession. Her birth name was Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra while Meg Ryan is her professional name thus currently she is known by this name. Meg Ryan has 3 siblings, two sisters and one brother.

First Marriage

So talking about Meg Ryan personal life, she met to Dennis Quaid during the film shot, both fell in love with each other. Thus after 3 years of dating couple got married on Valentine’s Day. Before marriage Meg made a condition to Dennis Quaid she will marry only if he avoid or completely kick off taking drugs. A year later, couple welcomed a baby boy named Jack Quaid and then they also a daughter in this relation.

Meg Ryan relation

After 9 years couple decided to part their ways due to some issues and then their separation was finalized. In one meeting Meg revealed that Quaid was cheating throughout their relationship that’s why both decided to get separated. After separation Meg was remained committed to Quaid. Now couple is sharing the custody of their 16 year old son. Years later in January, Meg Ryan took the custody of 14 years old girl. Still she is pretty lady, so might be she re union ex relation or starting dating with new boyfriend in 2016. But at start of year its early to predict, one wait for a while until next update..


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