Who is Marc Anthony Girlfriend 2017 Is Married to Now Wife

He is immensely talented, but there is something inappropriate when one reviews his married life. With all glamour, he still is not happy. He neither seems to be successful in love life, it seems to be sequence of marry and divorce….. Currently he is looking rough to some extent, so a girlfriend is the next best thing for Marc Anthony as he losing her looks. So who is the new lady who nailed all of his ex wives? Undoubtedly he believes in marriage, so now in 2017 is he married or doesn’t he?  Right now fans of this amazing singer and actor wants to get the answer of these entire questions. He is deferential, magnanimous to his relationships with awesome personality. That why every time she dated with absolutely stunning gf.

 Who is Marc Anthony Girlfriend 2017? Yet Single

 Ex Married Life:

He tied knot with four beautiful ladies; within two year he was divorced from first wife. Meanwhile his second marriage was lasted for two year.

Third time he was getting married to gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. There is no comparison of this lady. Now she is of 48, but she looks better than all of his ex. But its UN fortune for them that after ten years of wedding partnership they decided for permanent split up.

Last days their back together new was rumored when she running into her ex husband. Later on they denied from such speculations. Still they are good friends, as well has two kids.

Anthony and Lopez

For the Fourth time he and Shannon De Lima begun a happy life, she is graceful lady with extremely impressive figure. What a complement between then, this is the reason that every one wonder about their separation.

Marc and Shannon

It was reported that Chloe Green is the reason behind this split up, because in last year she hit award ceremony with Anthony.

Anthony and Green

May be he never feeling free to talk with Shannon about him and Chloe. Good communication with your partner is the sign of healthy marriage. If you not share anything then things will remain in the heart and mind which is the major cause of differences. May be there is not good communication between them.


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