Who is Karrine Steffans Husband 2016 Married to New Boyfriend

Karrine Steffans was born in a very nasty family because her father was apathetic and uncaring and her mother was addicted to alcohol and drugs that’s why her parents used to abuse her physically and emotionally. She faced a lot of problems in her child hood as she also grows up on poverty. Her mother is of Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Dutch and heritage and her father is of African-American. Resources argued that she has one sister and she is married but her mother ruined her married life also. According to her, her mother’s behavior was very much weird with her, she has done nothing for her, always threaten her. When she was 10 years old whole family of her moved to Florida. When she turned into 13, she was viciously rapped by a man. When she was living with her family she was very close with her grandmother who always supports her at every step. At teenage 16, she ran from her house and started living by herself and then she became a remarkable dancer. For a couple of months she spent her life on streets and traveling from one state to another state, then at last she established in the Los Angeles.

After bored with the single life she started living with her boyfriend named rapper Kool G Rap at the age of 16. She got married to her and gave birth to baby boy named “Naim Wilson. Due to the abusive relationship they got separated and then she moved to Los Angeles to protect her son. Now as 2016 will come so question arise that who is Karrine Steffans Husband married to this year. Before going to its detail we give a overview of his relationship life that consist of a long list of boyfriends.

Karrine Steffans relation

“Ex Relationship History

1: Right after this divorce he had dated with Usher Raymond, this relation had lasted for two years.

2: In the same year he dated to Bobby Brown that also was lasted for couple of months.

After this break up she is dating with these two guys.

  • 3: Young Buck
  • 4: Shaquille O’Neal

5: In 2006 she met to a talk show host named Bill Maher and started dating with him, due to some issues they got separated after one year.

Karrine Steffans relation

6: In the same year he also reported to romance with Ne-Yo. But again this relation is lasted for couple of months.

Second Marriage: Second time she got married to Darius McCrary. But they had passed three year together, a journey that start from 2008 had ended up at divorce in 2011.

Karrine Steffans relation

7: After this divorce her relationship with Soulja Boy also lasted for couple of years.

Karrine Steffans relation

8: One of her longest relationship with Lil’ Wayne is lasted for 8 year. Although during this relation he was dating with number of other guys but he also maintained this relationship along with them. Resources revealed that he is baby father of her miscarried children.

Karrine Steffans relation

But this rumor was wrong when she revealed that Rotimi is his baby daddy. She added that that they She and Rotimi was engaged, but her finance left her following the miscarriage story.

Who is Karrine Steffans Husband 2016?

Right now she is Single and not aimed to married, now as he dating with new boyfriend then thing will clear. As she has a long boyfriend list, now it’s important that she must choose a right partner for herself.

Apart from the relationship life she was a very brilliant and regular student got good grade in high school; she got fame when she started writing her book series. Moreover, she also became famous when she start doing modeling it was her ex-husband Kool G Rapper who supported her to start her career in this industry.


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