Who is Eminem Dating Right Now? Eminem Current Girlfriend in 2017

In Eminem personal life, he married twice with the same woman but both times ended up with divorce. Starts from the Detail of this ON and OFF Marriage:  Thirty years ago, he met to his high school sweet heart Kimberly Anne Scott first time. Within no time, both fell in love with each. At 15, Kim ran away from her home along with her sister Dawn and then began start living in Eminem’s home. This was the time when the duo began dating. Afterward couple welcomed their daughter named Hailie. Four years later, the couple married and later took divorce.

  • Who is Eminem Current Girlfriend Dating Right Now in 2017? He is Single

Eleven years ago, Eminem proposed Kimberly again and she accepted this proposal. Thus the couple remarried. However, the good things didn’t work in their relationship and, Eminem filed for the divorce. Within few months, their divorce procedure was finalized. However, these two often shake their hands for the Hailie’s custody.

At present, he is raising three children Hailie, Alaina (Daughter of Dawn) and Whitney (Kim’s daughter from a new marriage).

Ex Wife Name:

  • Kimberley Scott

Ex List:

  • Kaya Jones
  • Mariah Carey
  • Britney Spears
  •  Karrine Steffans
  • Brittany Murphy

Eminem Current Girlfriend in 2017: Not Sure

His Last Gf he was Dating:

  • Tracy McNew

Marshall Bruce Mathers relationships

Bio: Parents of this rapper turned record producer were associated with music world. Their band mostly gave live performances at hotel named ‘Ramada Inns’. Years later his parents divorced and married to other partners. Hereafter Eminem raised by his mother. He lived at Detroit, with his three half-siblings from mother’s side. However, he had never good terms with his biological mother that affects his educations.

Career: Since a tender age, Eminem was attracted to rapping. When he was alone at home, he enjoys rapping and wrote few verses. Consequently at 14, he entered into the rapping world with his high-school friend. Afterward, he released his debut album with title ‘Infinite’’. One after the other he has brilliantly released eight albums so far. Furthermore, he has achieved a lot throughout his production career.

Sixteen years ago, Eminem got ‘Academy Award’ and became the first rapper to achieve this significant award. He was awarded by the ‘YouTube Music Awards Artist of the Year’ which was also given first time to any artist. He has achieved ‘Grammy’ award for almost all of his albums. Surely he is the best one, he is true inspiration for number of guys.

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