Who is Angelina Jolie New Boyfriend 2018 Divorce Brad Pitt Girlfriend

This recognized actress turned filmmaker, and humanitarian was born in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of well-known actors. After one year of birth, her parents divorced because her father had cheated with another lady. Later, her mother Bertrand took Angelina and her son to New York. Jolie went to Theater Institute and participated in numerous stage productions. Thereafter, attended the High School; there she was snubbed most of the time by her fellows because of odd looks. Apart from all, thirty-four years ago Angelina Jolie commenced her acting career at that time she was six years old. And now, Jolie is recognized as the most award-winning actress as well as the highest paid actress too. Many media outlets called her the most beautiful, powerful and influential women in the entertainment industry.

She has also promoted women’s education, conservation and also involved in several activism activities. So, she is not bound to acting and humane work but also extended her profession into producing, directing and screenwriting.

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Who is Angelina Jolie New Boyfriend in 2018?

Her official status is Single, after divorce

  • Number of Ex Husband: Three

Angelina and her relations

Before becoming Brangelina, Jolie was married twice and had two public relationships. Recently, she separated from Brad. They were considered as an attractive couple of the industry. The pair first came across on the set of a movie. At that time, Brad Pitt was married to girlfriend Jennifer Anniston. Soon the couple ended up their marriage and Jolie was considered the reason behind the divorce.

Thirteen years ago they disclose the news of their relationship. In the same year, the couple was expecting their first child. ‘Brangelina’ had six children’s, three sons and three daughters both adopted and biological. Now, after twelve years of marriage, the couple decided to file divorce.

  • Brad Pitt current Girlfriend: He is too Single

Prior to Brad Pitt, she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. They began dating on the set of a drama. It was might be the fast relation and they rapidly entered into the love. After two months of dating, the couple turned into the marital relationship. Within no time, these two took over the media. They also adopted a baby, but the age of their married life was very short that lasted for only three years.

Angelina and her relations

She was first married to Jonny Lee Miller. These two was encounter on the set of drama film. At that time, Jolie was not a famous actress, therefore, she didn’t receive any attention. She was in a casual costume at the time of marriage. Still, their marriage is assumed as quite open and unique one. But they were not able to save their wedding. But after split up, they remain good friends.

Jolie with her relations

  • Angelina Jolie New Boyfriend 2018:

Not Yet

Furthermore, she admitted this news that she is not straight; when she was dating to Jenny Shimizu. Jolie even decided to marry her if she was not married to Jonny Lee. Soon, she broke up with her and Jenny married to someone else. However, her first love started when she was 14 years old. She had a strong affiliation with him and she also dreamed to be his wife in future. At 16, she split up with him and starts focusing on her career.


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