Who is 50 Cent Dating in 2015 50 Cent Wife Girlfriend

He has two sons and it was 1997 that Jackson’s girlfriend named as Shaniqua Tompkins, gave this beautiful birth to his first son Marquise Jackson without married. But it was the same lady who sued because of huge amount of money; she said that he did not take care of her for life. The suit was dismissed by a judge, their tale of a love relationship just gone sour. At the time of February 2009, Tompkins again considered for an appeal but again she failed to prove any allegation. During starting days 50 Cent was so much happy especially at the time of his son birth; it was Marquise’s who just changed Jackson’s outlook. Their relationship actually did not last long, they just broke up, and their birth of son actually did not at all make them united.

Who is 50 Cent Dating in 2015:

  • Nancy Babochian
  • Clubbing with a Pretty Girl Strange for Media in Last Picture

“Picture with Nancy Babochian”

50 Cent relation

“Dated with Daphne Joy”

He also dated with a model named as Daphne Joy and it was the lady who giving birth his second son named as Sire Jackson, he was born in second last month of 2012. When he was of two years old then Sire also modeled for Kidz Safe! But this couple too broke up and 50 Cent carried on his dating life!

  • 50 Cent Wife: Till Not Married

50 Cent relation

“Dated with Vivica A. Fox”

He too dated with Vivica A. Fox! Professionally she is an actress. It was for several months that this couple dated. But it was in year 2003 that this couple just get done with the announcing of their breakup in a Show, it was too their photos that were appeared on the cover of the magazine.

50 Cent relation

  • Yes, he too dated Chelsea Handler and also Ciara. Yes,

We can say that this celeb dated with lots of girls but he any how just got failed to make a stronger tie with any one of them!

As he is this American rapper and he is also a singer! He has two children named as

  • Marquise Jackson
  • And also Sire Jackson. Her one can also get details who is 50 Cent dating in 2015? But before this check some more name of his ex relations.

50 Cent Ex Girlfriends

  • Karrine Steffans
  • Olivia Longott
  • Dollicia Bryan
  • Kat Stacks
  • Daphne Joy
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Kim Kardashian West

“Latest Picture”

50 Cent relation

After this whole detail moving towards the current dating life of 50 Cent who is! In last month he clubbing with a pretty girl whose name is not come at media. But this he look too much happy with this pretty girl. His happiness must shows something between them, may be this is the final girlfriend of 50 Cent to married wife. Right now they are full busy in romance and just want to spend maximum time together outside as well in side room. With all of this a noticeable thing is that every time he date with a pretty lady that must better then ex one.


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