Travie Mccoy 2017 Girlfriend Wife Is Married to Who

This renowned American hip hop artist was born in Geneva. His mother is from Irish descent and father from Haitian. At High School, he enjoyed playing drum and created a rap group with the help of father and brother. It was a very poor experience for him. Immediately, in School during his GYM class he met to Matt. Gradually, they became friends and shared their thoughts to form a band with other musicians. He did major in illustration and fine arts from University. At 20, he was suspended from the Institute as he was more focusing on musical career and tattoo work. After this he taught arts to club students during the day time and worked at a tattoo parlor at part time. Before rising to fame he also worked at gas stations too. At the beginning the band had no vocalist and they used to perform at parties. Once while performing Travie pick up a mike and start rapping. Then, the band created own music and afterward release super-hit records.

Travie Mccoy 2017 Girlfriend:

All dimension of his life are widely available in the media. Currently, he is in a relationship with Juliette Lewis. She is also an American singer as well as actress. Four years ago these two started dating and still enjoying their relationship. There is no news about any misunderstanding between them.

Who is Travie married to?

Wife: Prior to Juliette, he was in a relationship with Katy Perry. The pair first met in a recording studio. Immediately, they became friends and started dating. They were having good time with each other but suddenly they split up.

Mccoy and Katy

Soon, the pair rekindles their relationship and Travie gave him a promise ring for a long-tem friendship. Months ago, after sharing the promise ring they again broke up. After separating from her, he released a mix tape in her remembrance.

Travie and Juliette

Besides the band, he also worked solely by creating his own lyrics and music. Six years ago, he launched his first single along with the help of Bruno Mars and released his complete solo album. Hereafter, he was recognized across the world and receives a huge fame by the people. Till now he has released many super hit singles and records in his career. During career, he was involved in several controversial issues. But he fought with every kind of situation.


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