Rich Dollaz Girlfriend 2015 Who is Rich Dollaz Dating Right Now

In this year 2015 Rich Dollaz has just confirmed that he is now off the market and he is right now dating with his dream girl Moniece Slaughter. In the previous times, we come across many of the pictures of them together but their relationship is not clear. Now it has been confirmed by him that he is dating her right now, he also make it clear that he is not engaged to Johnni Blaze. Now we have just got this confirmation that Dollaz is having an excellent time with Moniece and both of them are just romancing, hugging and kissing. They have also made public appearances. We have also seen that he has been quite open with her current girlfriend and he so wants to tell this whole world that he is in a dating relationship with her that is why he has openly confessed this statement!

Break Up:

According to latest updates Rich Dollaz decide for split up; the reason of this break off is also revealed. According to source when Moniece has discussed about engagement and married he dumped her. Its un official that he said that he just want to romance and enjoy life without wedding. On the other side SHE love her and has a baby from ex partner, so this time she wants to carry on this relationship if he agree for marriage. Right now she is in stress and too much sad after this calling off the relation.

Rich Dollaz relationship

This is the current story that CEO of Dollaz has been doing right now in his dating along with her new girlfriend in 2015:

“Famous Relationship in Past with Johnni Blaze Picture”

Rich Dollaz relationship

Dated History:

Thus year as Dollaz starts this new relationship he answers the all the rumors that he has not been engaged to Johnni Blaze. No doubt that in past they were in a dating relationship for some time but after that little duration, they had a split! When Dollaz made this announcement that he is dating with Moniece then at the same time, there was also this rumor going on at that time that he is already engaged so this clarification is too much important to carry on next relation! But do you know what happened? At mean time Jhonni Blaze is also openly said that she is not at all engaged to and part of life of Dollaz!

Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena

Rich Dollaz relationship

They also remain in relationship for long period of time, they had enjoyed lot of romance. As a result they has a baby together, but after passing a handsome time together this couple decided for split up. After this Erica starts dating with another rapper, in this situation none of them had time for baby. As she is busy with next boyfriend and had no time and Rich Dollaz starts romance with next one. After this she also appeal in court that he also take responsibility of baby. In short their relationship is ended with some worst happening.

This new love story of Rich Dollaz girlfriend 2015 details and who is he dating right now? In upcoming day more exciting news about the dating life and her current girlfriend must come at media; in case of break up or he agree for married, in case entry of new girl is also updated.


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