Rebel Wilson Boyfriend 2015 Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Now?

Few women has such a nature on which jokes are suited too much, they are born to makes other happy. Rebel Wilson is one that is best to makes other happy, she always remain happy without taking care of her personal life. During these days a rumor is spread on media about Rebel Wilson new boyfriend 2015 and everyone is anxiously wants to know that who is Rebel Wilson dating now? If one sees the basic factors behind this rumor then maybe this is right because it will spread when she and comedian Mickey Gooch Jr sees a ice hockey match tightly together. Throughout this match they enjoy it like a couple; they remain too much close throughout this match. As this match is end they go outside together and then leave for more some hidden place. As they come out they had done some activities that are only suit on couple. These all acting raised number of question that its not possible for only friends that they behave like this to each other during the match. And secondly if they are only friends then they must go separately after this match. Further till Rebel Wilson till not confirmed that Mickey Gooch Jr is her boyfriend and she starts dating with him now. As this rumor is spread on all over the soon announcement will come that confirm or deny this news.

Rebel Wilson Boyfriend 2015: Mickey Gooch Jr

Who is Rebel Wilson Dating Now? Mickey Gooch Jr

Rebel Wilson relationship with Mickey Gooch Jr

Ex previous relationship history of Rebel Wilson has not too many dating names. Like this couple of year’s age a rumor is also spread that she start dating with Matt Lucas. But they are just friends and as they work together and work they start better understanding. In this period of time Matt Lucas divorced to his ex wife that also raise more questions on their relationship. But later on Rebel Wilson clearly said that this relationship is only limited to a good friendship. Now again rumor come of Rebel Wilson boyfriend 2015 and when she sees with a man in romantic mode then questions are going to starts that who is Rebel Wilson dating now? that is Mickey Gooch Jr. In upcoming days this relation will going clearer when they date multiple time. As this rumor get fame a complete detail of this relationship will must come in upcoming days.


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