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New Girlfriend Who? It has investigated in 2016 that Mel is dating to Rosalind Ross, from her he is expecting his ninth child. By now this couple has refused to admit this incorrect media statement, this is not true that they are expecting baby. A close source stated that this relation was started a year ago, but he takes care the privacy. He is a mature guy so he knows that how to carry on this relation. Young Rosalind also knows really well that it’s not easy to spend time with 60 years old Rosalind Ross. But she is enough mature to take this decision in her personal life. It’s good that both felling great pleasure; she conducted herself in a good way with him. As he is really good guy he will must be good with her.

Wife: Moving onto the personal life of Mel Gibson, he married once in his timeline but has public relations too. Mel was married to Robyn Gibson. These two first met at that time he was on tour and working with Company in Australia. There, Robyn was working as an assistant of dental surgeon. It is rumored that before this Robyn had boyfriend and had strong relationship with him.

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Mel Gibson relation

But later on he cheated on her and she got married to second love. Mel revealed that before marriage we had not a huge straightaway romance, we were just friends. Couple tied their knot in Catholic Church. Only few family members were invited and they kept it away from media. At that time both were very young just 24 years old. During their relationship they travelled a lot and shifted to several residences.

Couple raised 7 children’s, but it’s unfortunate that after spending a major part of young life they had decided for split up. According to source they were already separated three years before filed for divorce. Mel stated that it started happened when he was arrested while drunk driving. Throughout this tenure of separation we both asked for privacy to maintain the integrity of family.

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Mel Gibson relation

In the following year of divorce, another unfortunate event happen when he met to Oksana Grigorieva, this event left the actor for worse fear and he had to face mess on hands publicly. She and Mel welcomed a baby girl Lucia. Sadly later, broke up their relationship. Afterward, Grigorieve made a petition in court mentioning against Mel to stay away from her daughter but restraining order was modified allowing Mel to keep in touch with her daughter.

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Mel Gibson relation

During separation, Grigorieve stated that she suffered a domestic violence confrontation from Mel; against this appeal the County Department commenced an investigation department. Through these controversial issues, his ex-wife Robyn revealed that she during her relationship with Mel she never ever suffer any violence. Three years ago ultimately Mel settles with her ex girlfriend and she was granted a huge amount of money. Furthermore, joint legal custody agreement was settled among these two.


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