Who is Larry Ellison New Girlfriend Dating Spouse Wife Married to 2017

Marital life of this businessman is not good as his profession. Till now Ellison married four times but unfortunately all his marriages ended up with divorce. From third marriage he became father of one son and one daughter. Who is Larry Ellison New Girlfriend in 2017? Currently, he is dating to a model named Nikita Kahn. Along with modeling, she has appeared in several popular movies. Moreover, Ellison is building a restaurant with her name ‘Nikita’. First Spouse: He was first married to wife Adda Quinn. Both of these two first met at a employment agency. For three year, they lived in an apartment having one room, until having a new home in Oakland. This marriage got ended as Adda thought that Ellison is a very aimless man and due to lack of financial support.

Second: After three years, Ellison decided to remarry again. He tied the knot with Nancy Wheeler. After six months of marriage, Ellison established Laboratories. Thereafter, Nancy made a report and did argue in Ellison’s company for a little amount of money. This relation was ended up with divorce.

Larry Ellison relation

For the Third time, Ellison married to Barbara Boothe, who was working as a receptionist at his own company. At the time of marriage, she was the baby mother of Ellison’s first child(son). At a later couple welcomed a baby girl named Margaret. Both children’s are now associated with the production field. Eventually, these two got divorced after three years together.

Larry Ellison relation

This pic clearly shows the age difference of this couple.

Last Married Wife:

Fourth Spouse: He got for the fourth time and got married to a famous romance novelist named Melanie Craft. It is found that these two first met while leaving a restaurant in San Francisco. Ellison’s closet friend Steve Jobs did coverage of their wedding. Consequently, their divorce was finalized after seven years.

Larry Ellison relation

  • Who is Larry Ellison New Girlfriend Dating in 2017? Nikita Kahn

Early Life: The successful American business tycoon was born in New York, as Lawrence Joseph Larry Ellison. At that time her mother was unwed; whereas his father was a pilot in Air Force, stationed in a foreign country before knowing that he became the father of a son. When Ellison became nine months old, his mother suffered from pneumonia thus he gave Ellison for adaptation to an aunt and uncle. He met to his biological mother at 48.

Education: He went to University of Illinois, but later he dropped out for not appearing in second year final exams because his adoptive mother died in the following year. He attended University where he encountered the computer training.

Larry Ellison relation

This thriving personality is a, businessman and internet entrepreneur. He is considered as the third richest man of the America and the fifth richest person in the world. It is reported that he has made most of his wealth from shares that he holds in his company. So 71 years old Larry Ellison is again in a relationship with model. Till now, there are no rumors about their engagement or wedding.

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