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Kris Humphries being the famous basketball player got to married with Kim! But his life came out to be unfortunate enough and he had his divorce from her. So what is he doing these days? Is there a new girl in his life, he is Married or Single Now? We try to investigate the answers of all these questions here: Dating Who in 2016? Right now, reports are that he is Single these days! He will be finding the correct girl for himself because after divorce his new love partner was lasted for couple of months. Relationships After Divorce: His new girlfriend after ex wife is looking like KK Kim kardashian named as Fatmire Sinanaj. She has been clearly been blessed and gifted with the same knockout curves like the way as her predecessor. They dated for a little duration. Both of them met at a prominent of its kind of five star hotel. It is seen that she has been an avid tweeter. We have seen one of her Twitter posts in which she wrote that Kim’s stepdad face just scares me, she too wrote that why he does not to get some plastic surgery.

But this new couple relation work for few months, after this split Kris Humphries was seen with Natalie Pack. She is also a pretty lady who awarded Miss California couple of years ago. He too dated Kayla Goldberg after divorce, but its unfortunate that all of the relations was lasted for only few months.

Kris Humphries relation

Girlfriends after Divorce Pictures:

Kris Humphries Girlfriend Fatmire Sinanaj

Failed Marriage with Kim Kardashian:

After one year of dating they had their engagement ceremony and right after few months of engagement they tied a knot. Their wedding preparations were too aired on all too channels. In short they this wedding get all media attention. Both of them just managed to live together for 72 days. But just after a year, they filed papers for their divorce. We came to know that their divorce and separation process was then finalized after one. Many of the media sources gave these statements that it is a just a publicity stunt for both of them and these divorces rumors have been originated by both of them to get the financial gains. But all these rumors come out to be false; they actually had their ways separated.

Who is he Married to Now? Single

Kris Humphries relation

Latest Kris Humphries Girlfriend 2016 Dating: Single

There are three names added in his relations list after divorce but important one is his present relationship. It’s also a factor that Kris is not loyal with her love partners, because his Girlfriend after Kim is also a pretty lady but his break up clears that something might be wrong in his own personality. His close source claim that now he starts thinking positive about his new married life, soon he will announce a permanent life partner.


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