Juicy J Girlfriend 2017 Wife Name Is Married to Who

From last twenty six years he is contributing in the hip hop industry. He is younger brother of an American rapper. Initially he was forming a group; with two other members. However eleven years ago Juicy J issued his debut album. In the following year, he was granted by the Academy award for the category of ‘Best Original Song’. His famous duet with Katy was selected for Grammy Awards. In his career span, Juicy J has worked with several labels. Furthermore, he has released three studio albums till now. All of his albums got huge success. Now he is one of the sensational producer, writers and rappers of the industry thus all the resources increases his wealth too.

From last seven years, he became a part-owner, leading member and A&R of Entertainment Company which is managing by his co rapper.

Juicy J Girlfriend 2017:

During this year he is no more unmarried. It is reported that he and his wife Regina Perera was so excited to start their new chapter of life. These two knew to each other from a very long time but their sudden marriage was a big surprise for everyone.

Who is his Wife?

Name: He is married to Regina Perera

Four years ago his social media pictures show that the couple was engaged. Now they are among the happiest couple of the industry. Its good for them that now they are real couple.

Juicy and Regina

Before current wife, his name was most of the time was connected to Miley Cyrus, an American singer. Resources claims that Miley was expected his baby. But Juicy J proved all the statements false by disclosing the intensity of relationship between them.

Last year he ended up all the news that formed on the basis of incomplete information. Their fit chemistry sends a clear message that they are ready to spends remaining part of life together. Further life of such personalities is full with uncertainties, so surely one will need for while to knows that that what will happen in their for coming life. But without any doubt these are best years of their lives.


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