John Stamos Wife 2016 Who is John Stamos Current Girlfriend Married to Now

At a fashion show he met to a model named Rebecca Romijn. For two months of dating they decided to marry each other. The couple got married in 1998 for seven year. In 2004 they filed for divorce, he has moved on after first failed marriage which ended in 2005 and romantically linked with couple of pretty ladies. He had dated a beautiful actress and dancer named Paula Abdul; he accepted that he had a great relationship with this lady. With this kiss of Teri Hatcher in front of media also confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship. He also mentioned that he and Denise Richards also romanced, although he was not ready but this all happened UN consciously. While name of few more ladies he dated are mentioned below.

  • Amy Poehler
  • Leah Marsh
  • Marlee Matlin
  • Denise Richards

Current Relationship Status

John Stamos relation

With EX Wife

John Stamos Wife 2016 Who is he Married to Now? This year Lori Loughlin accepts that her chemistry with John Stamos is just awesome. All of her fans wants to married with him, due to this she avoid sharing her pictures with husband. Officially At present he is single and decided not to get remarry again.

John Stamos relation

With Ex GF Teri Hatcher

John Stamos Current Girlfriend: Its UN official news that he is dating a girl named Nicolette Noble. At social media he always follows her on everything, while their pictures also show that something must going on between them.

John Stamos relation

With Ex GF” 

Family Tree: Famous actor turned musician John Philip Stamos was born in California, U.S. His mother Loretta Philips was the famous swimming suit and his father William “Bill” John Stamos had his own restaurant. His grandfather was a Greek immigrant change the family name from “Stamotopoulos” to “Stamos”, thus they are adapting this surname. His father is of Greek descent while his mother is of English-Irish descent. As given above that Bill was running his restaurant in a town which was growing day by day and he was expecting from his son John that he will take over his business.

John Stamos relation

With Ex GF Paula Abdul

At a teenage he worked in his father restaurant as a waiter. But john has many other plans and at that time his interest was moved to acting. When he turned into 15 he told his parents about his interest in acting. His parents supported his decision. His father Bill died in 1998 and his mother died at the age of 75. He had a great love and affection for his mother.

He has two younger sister named Alaina and Jannen who are teachers by profession. In school time he used to play drums in functions.

Later on, he was appeared in his first show; this was first step of his successful career journey. This great personality has won several awards in his life time career.

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