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Now this 35 years old Popular TV star is engaged to his long term Love. Seven years ago the couple began dating. Cara, his girlfriend states that it was not love at first sight it took time to tie in a strong relationship. In past the rumors about their separation was seen in the media. Moreover, Jesse Metcalfe also disproves all the rumors about their split up. However, in 2016 the couple got officially engaged.   Let’s have a brief look onto his ex personal life. Metcalfe has two public relations while didn’t marry to anyone of those but is engaged. First, he was known for the ‘Passions’ and then he began dating to Nadine Coyle. She was a significant member of Girls Aloud. These two first met in Sydney, Australia and starts spending time with each other. Eight years ago, the couple announces that they are no more with each other and didn’t disclose the cause of separation. In past he and Courtney Robertson was also dated, but this love story was lasted for only few months.

Is Jesse Metcalfe Married? No

  • Wife 2016: Not Yet

Girlfriend: Cara Santana

Jesse Metcalfe current relationWith Current GF

He was born to an Italian and Portuguese mother and English, Irish, Italian and French father. So, Metcalfe is a combination of Italian, Portuguese, English, French and Irish descent. He has spent most of his childhood in Waterford and went to The Williams School for graduation.

Later, he gave up from the school because he was eager to give the auditions for Fictional Character. His brilliant acting skills enable him to win the ‘Passions’ auditions. Subsequently the show broadcasted in the same years.

Jesse Metcalfe ex relationA Pic With Nadine

He worked for this TV project for time period of five years and then took break from the series and start focusing on other projects. Before the Passion series got terminated, he again rejoined the series for giving his performance.

Jesse Metcalfe past relationWith Ex Courtney

Matcalfe major ventures include Loaded, John Tucker Must Die, A Country Wedding, Destines, Dead Rising, Fairfield Road, Dallas and many others. Whereas he has gained huge popularity from his John Rowland role in a    TV series. ‘Passions’ and ‘Dallas’ is also in his hit list. He was twice-times selected for the Teen Choice Award. With a successful career, his life is full with happiness. Now he and his fiance will plan for upcoming married life, both are preparing to make this day more beautiful.

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