Jennifer Hudson Husband 2016 Is Still Engaged to Married Fiance David Otunga WWE Wrestler

She had a long time relationship with James Pyton. James was her hometown sweetheart whom she had eight years of relationship. Their relation was commenced on 1999 and broke up at 2007. Jennifer Hudson Husband 2016: Under a year of separation, Jennifer soon met to David Otunga. He was a participant on the same reality show in which she was also performed. After sometime of their relationship both had a strong affiliation with each other. Later on the couple spent most of their vacations in traveling to made time memorable. During 2008 David and Jennifer’s mother escort her to Denver. At that time David took permission from her mother to marry with Jennifer. She became glad with this decision. Then on her 27th birthday Jennifer got engaged to David. He proposed her with a Neil Lane diamond ring and asking her to marry him. But couple planned to marry at right time.

After their engagement Jennifer moved to Tampa with David. When she was there big tragedy happened with her family. It is assumed that if she was with her mother she might become a victim of that tragedy too. So it becomes a blessing for her to go Tampa with David.

Picture of Happy Couple

Jennifer Hudson relation

Is Still Engaged to Married Fiance: During relationship with Jennifer, David Otunga was very persuasive to fulfill his dream. Due to his hard work he became a professional wwe wrestler. Jennifer at the age of 32 and David at the age of 33 became parents of David Daniel Otunga in 2009. After the birth of son, couple is deciding to marry, but some sorts of things are coming in their relationship. But they are assuring that both will marry soon.

Picture of Happy Couple

Jennifer Hudson relation

She is the daughter of Darnell Donnerson and Samuel Simpson. She has two siblings and youngest from all. She has half-sister named Dinah Simpson from the mother side. Jennifer had a proud moment of life when she sang the national anthem for the opening ceremony in the presence of Barak Obama. Her mother, Brother Jason and Nephew Julian Hudson-King was murdered at their home in Chicago. Her sister’s husband named William Balfour, estranged was arrested by police for the homicides.

  • Jennifer Hudson Husband 2016: David Otunga

Jennifer Hudson is really a decent and calm lady, she always believes on true relations. She faced many difficult time in her life but every time came back strongly. A part from her personal she also believes on strong relations, she spend entire life with a single man. Although they were engaged but not married, as given above that in 2016 these they will plan for marry. But this is not confirm due to their tight schedule this year.


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