Jamie Foxx Wife 2017 Is he Married to Girlfriend Katie Holmes Baby Mama Who

Wife 2017: Relationship story of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes came out about Two and a half year ago. Both of them have been quiet about revealing their dating rumors. When media asked Foxx that what is going between both of them then he gave an answer that we are just good friends. They are coming in an animated project that is why both of them have been seeing together a lot. They make an attractive couple, their romance rumors might come out to be true if they would confess their love in front of media. As this couple spotted together from three years but we think that none of them are interested in this gossip that whether we are counting them as dating partners or not! It seems that Foxx is more focused on his music and Katie looks quite busy in her dance workout. At same time its sure that during these days this couple is bonding with some special feelings.

Is Jamie Foxx Married to Expected Girlfriend Katie Holmes?

It is quite expected that both of them might be taking their relationship to another high level. As both of them made the plan to meet along with their daughters, Katie bring her daughter to meet the daughter of Foxx.

Now let us see when this couple will be exchanging rings? Because every one will expect a twist in this story.

  • His Current Girlfriend in 2017 or Wife: Not Sure( But most Probably she is Katie)

Jamie Foxx relation

Who is Baby Mama? Jamie Foxx lies among the list of top American actors who also turned best singers and comedian as well. He has two daughters, with two ladies. But who is the baby mama of this versatile actor is still a secret. Especially first baby mama of his elder daughter Corinne Foxx is still a big question from her, because she also unaware from her.

Jamie Foxx relation

While he is in good relation with the mother of his second daughter Annalise. During vacation he had given time to her daughter and her baby mama. But name of this mystery is also not revealing at media, but her pictures are available when they was enjoying at beach and Disneyland with daughter.

Ex Girlfriend List:

  • Ashley Scott
  • Claudia

A Photo with Ex:

Jamie Foxx relation

This man has such amazing personality that in one year he linked up with multiple pretty ladies. But he managed every girl in best way; this is the reason they every of his girlfriend kept their relation away from public. Couple of pretty ladies mention in above list. But this list is too long that’s why its not possible to mention every one at same place.


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