Flo Rida Girlfriend 2016 Dating Wife Who is He Married

Rapper Flo Rida did have many of the relationships and girls in his past life but right now, he has been living a single life. So, what were the reasons of his breakup, we have to find out that! Last time he had a breakup with Melyssa Ford because there was nothing solid understanding in between them. She told the media that they had a doomed kind of relationship and did not have any of the common things between them. Their on and off relationship lead to the breakup. Eight years ago they got into this relationship when she used to be the very number one and top most one hip hop video model. At that time they made a perfect couple. In past media also reported their engagement, but these all are just speculations. Publically they looked happy but throughout they struggle to save it that ended at spit up.

Flo Rida Girlfriend 2016 Dating: Single

In the same way, Eva Marcille also broke up from Flo because of the major differences between them. It was because of this reason too Marcille split her ways from him because Melyssa entered into the life of Flo. Both ladies did not come out to be perfect for him. They did not remain with him and split their ways.

Flo Rida relation

So when Flo will be finding his lady love, when he will be searching for his lady love? We think that the right time and moment has not come yet.

Who is He Married?

Wife: Although he involve in couple of serious relations but he was not engaged to married with them.

Flo Rida relation

Ex Relationships:

Along with these two ladies he was also in relationship with Brandy Norwood that last for one year. Moving on with more of his ex girl friends, he has a relationship with Brenda Song and was also in contact with Phoenix White for one year. Although these all are beautiful ladies, but with all of them he spend one or twice year.

Flo Rida relation

Flo Rida is right living a single and a happy life, right now not a single girl is there in his life! If he will be seeing a new girl, this must update. We have seen that Flo seems quite unlucky in making the relationships. If he wants to prolong his relationship line then he needs to sort out the matters from different side.

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