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Pretty American actress Elle Fanning had a strong relation with Dylan Beck in back. This couple showed their love to whole world. Couple used to spend quality hours with each other. Both Dylan Beck and Elle Fanning are  young and both had a strong affiliation for each other and it was assumed that in future their relationship will grow larger and stronger as the time passes. Moreover, couple wished to spend good time with each and also wished to be in an official relationship soon. It was so earlier to predict the relationship of Elle Fanning and Dylan Beck. Their relationship lasted for just few months. But now this couple claim that they are very good friend, and also ready to do work together on same project.

Elle Fanning Boyfriend 2017: Currently it is rumored that Elle Fanning is dating to an American actor named Zalman Band. He and Elle Fanning are trying to spend quality time with each other by having small dates at movies. The couple is spotted at public places many times holding hands of each other and wearing beautiful smile on their faces. Now, in pictures it is clearly seen that both are feeling comfortable and enjoying.

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  • Who is Elle Fanning Dating? Zalman Band

Bio: This American actress was born in 1998 as Mary Elle Fanning in Georgia, USA. She is a proud daughter of Heather Joy and Steven J. Fanning. She belong to an athlete family, her mother was a professional tennis player and her father used to play baseball. At present he is working in Los Angeles as a salesman. Furthermore, Rick Arrington her grandfather was an American Football player. Actress Dakota Fanning is her elder sister.

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Elle Fanning relation

She is best known for her appearance in couple of super hit movies. She performed every character with full of confidence that is secret behind her successful career.

When She was in the seventh grade she felt that to have boy is a very difficult thing. For her, this was an awkward thing to ditch her parents in this way. But at present situation and circumstances of she has changed. As Elle Fanning have two public relations just at the age of seventeen. With both of these guys she looks fit and happy, as she is teenager and pretty as well so no one knows that how many time she will change boys. But right now in 2017 Zalman Band is her boyfriend. As get time they prefer to meet at some lunch place or some where else.


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