Daymond John Wife 2017 Name Who is He Fubu Founder Married to

He is very contented in his personal life. Firstly this successful businessman and television star tied knot with Maria. The couple has two children’s (both are daughters). But it was unfortunate that Daymond John and his wife parted their ways from each other. Now a question popped about his personal life that Is He dating someone in 2017? From the past many years he and Heather Taras are in a relationship. Recently, he has proposed his everlasting girlfriend on TV, which she accepted warmly. During last year they also welcomed a baby girl. Soon they form a couple officially and look after their children’s together. So its confirm that in 2017 she is wife of Daymond John. He was not linked to any other woman.

Who is He Fubu Founder Married to?

  • Fiance Name: Heather Taras

Daymond is known for his innovative ideas and goals. At the beginning of the career, he sells woolen hats at cheap rate than the actual market price outside the Coliseum. So he began earning a handsome amount of income. He then decided to start his own business at a large scale. Immediately he established a production house and almost all the apparels contain FUBU logo. Currently this is the leading brand which has almost made around $ 6 million solely till now.

Daymond relation

Daymond is a promising star of the Hollywood entertainment industry. He is investing a huge amount of income in Shark Tank, TV series from last two years. He is a prominent cast member of the series. In past this series achieved Emmy Award as well as Outstanding Reality Program.

Daymond is a public figure too. He speaks publicly about marketing. He has collaborated with well-known celebrities and brands to raise an issue for making additional streams and brand extension. He is appointed as the brand ambassador of Shopify. He is the author of three books. He is known for his incredible devotions and commitments.

Daymond relation

He is willing to achieve many other great projects too in future. He is also a philanthropist. He is spending a huge amount of income in donations, heath issues and in many other areas. Several significant awards are awarded to him. He is the recipient of NAACP Entrepreneurs of the Year Award, Congressional Achievement Award and many other notable one.

  • Daymond John Wife 2017: Surely this lady is in below Picture

Daymond and Heather

Bio: Margot and Garfield are his parents; whereas his grandfather and mother fostered him up. His mother supported him in every walk of life. Now he is the affluent and wealthiest man of the industry. In order to got all of these goals he spend his entire life. Surely these achievements satisfy him a lot.


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