Hoda Kotb new partner

Who is Hoda Kotb Boyfriend 2018 Dating Joel after EX Husband Married to

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Hoda’s personal life is very interesting. These days she is in a peaceful relationship with boyfriend name Joel ... Continue Reading →
new bf of Sia

Who is Sia Husband Married to Boyfriend 2018

As per news, Dan Pontifex was the first man to whom Sia was connected. She was in a relationship with him in 1997. The resources claim that Sia was in Thailand when she got shocked ... Continue Reading →
Trina relation

Who is Rapper Trina Boyfriend Dating 2018 Husband Married

Nowadays, this American rapper has found a new love, and it’s surprising to know that he is not an entertainment-related person. So who is Trina dating in 2018? is a Million-Dollar ... Continue Reading →
Aubrey Graham relationship

Zoe Kravitz Boyfriend 2018 is Dating Who Husband

She is seen with new boyfriend these days. From the starting time of this relation to current context, Kravitz seems committed with Karl Glusman. Although she is much shorter than her ... Continue Reading →
Camilla Belle relation

Who Is Camilla Belle Boyfriend 2018 Dating Married To

As she is of ample age of start her personal life, but recently she disclosed that she loves being single and has no plans of marriage for next few years. However, in past, she was ... Continue Reading →
Stacey Dash now bf

Stacey Dash Boyfriend 2018 Married to Now Who is Stacey Dash ex Husband Boyfriend Dating

At present Stacey is the mother of two children’s. Moreover, she married thrice but unfortunately, all of her marriages ended up with divorce. She was first married to Brian Lovell; ... Continue Reading →
Wagner and Hoechlin

Who is Jill Wagner Boyfriend Engaged to Married Husband Fiance in 2018

The personal aspect of Wagner life is not ideal as like her career. During the last year, she posted some pictures of her via photo sharing site along with a little girl and a handsome ... Continue Reading →
Ashley Greene relation

Ashley Greene Boyfriend 2018 Dating Is She Married Husband

Nowadays, in 2018 Ashley Greene is enjoying love life with her boyfriend Paul Khoury. Paul is also an actor and model. The couple was engaged in 2016. They have no plans of marrying ... Continue Reading →
Emily Osment relation

Emily Osment Boyfriend 2018 Dating Is Engaged to Married Who

From the time, she was introduced in the entertainment industry to till the current context, Emily Osment is the subject of headlines in terms of the love life. For the first time, ... Continue Reading →
Marisa with new relation

Who is Marisa Tomei Married to Husband Boyfriend in 2018

It seems from the relationship history of Marisa Tomei, that she is not a big supporter of marital life. She does not consider it important to become a wife and have kids. But previously, ... Continue Reading →