Carrot Top Girlfriend 2016 Wife Name Dating Married to Who

Carrot Top relationship history is very confusing; from his affair with multiple girls he looks straight but some time he also pretended to be GAY. Girlfriend in 2016 Dating Who? He had a relationship with his long lasting girlfriend, her name is Amanda Hogan! She is young enough to be his girl, but she never mind it and always chase after him. This couple looks fabulous but he romanced with her with no regard to feelings. During his relation with Amanda he hides all of his affairs with multiple mystery girls. Last days some media source also spotted him with some girl at Airport. But none of the sources were able to identify this girl. Assumptions were being made at that time that this girl lived in Los Angeles. Officially right now he is single because dating with different girl is not a big task for him.

  • Carrot Top Wife Name: Not Married

All of us are biggest fans of him American stand up comedians! Right now, his age is 50 so with whom he is being hooking up researched here:

Carrot Top relation

He and Criss Angel have been spotted together at Nightclub. They were having hard party at some casino in Las Vegas. Criss Angel was all in blonde and surrounding her arms around him. From these pictures, many of the media sources claimed that Carrot Top is just pretending to be straight. Many sources said so that he is a gay, many of his friends have given this statement that he is a nice guy. We also hear about his girlfriends but yes we often hear about his boyfriends to that confused every one. Whether Carrot is straight or not, whether he is pretending all of this, we still have to sort out that!

Carrot Top relation

Dated with Nicole Johnson

On the other, while he was with Miss California, Carrot was looking excited, that looked quite odd at that time because they never matched! May be this is the reason that their relationship was not lasted for long period of time. Now this beautiful lady engaged with new boyfriend and also expecting baby from him.

Carrot Top relation

So, all of these are the possible details of Carrot Top girlfriend wife dating history. He is a gay or he is a straight man, we still have to keep on checking out that! Whenever he will be spotted with some girl or guy, we will update! But we just hope that Carrot gets linked permanently with a girlfriend in 2016 and may live the rest of his life with some great companion wife but who is she is still a question.

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