Ashanti Boyfriend 2015 Dating Who Now after Split BF Nelly

Starts from her Nine Year relationship with Nelly: We saw that Ashanti met with a rapper Nelly at some press conference that is held after an Awards Ceremony. It was at the time on initial days of 2003, later on we got his news that Ashanti and Nelly has just ended their nine year relationship at the time of December 2012. Wow, such an old relationship and how could they have ended things like this, they have spent these nine years of their lives together and then they just broke up, this is so much shocking! Nelly has now been moved on with some new partner named as Shantel. While she also move forwards and enjoys the company of three new boys but till she is not find a permanent partner like her EX.

If one check professional back ground of Ashanti then she is an amazing American singer, she is also a record producer! Moving to current discussed topic Ashanti boyfriend 2015 along with the detail that she dating who now bf to complete her life after Split Nelly:

“With Nelly Picture”

Ashanti relation

“Dating with Darnell Dockett”

It is from second month of 2015 that she and NFL player have started dating. It was seen that rumors of Ashanti and Dockett’s relationship are revealed when she tweeted a birthday message to Dockett! She wished him a very happy birthday and also referred to the NFL star just as “baybay,” yes it is a slang term of endearment. But these are only the birthday wishes because it is neither Ashanti nor it is Dockett who have given confirmation about their relationship. It is seen most of the time that Ashanti has always been keeping quiet about her love and personal life.

“Ashanti Boyfriend 2015”

Ashanti relation

It is not only for this first time Ashanti has been making headlines because of her love life. It was in late 2014 that she was also in a relationship with some unidentified African man.

Ashanti Ex Boyfriends

  • Nelly

From 2003 till 2012

  • Chink Santana

From 2003 till 2005

  • DeSean Jackson

From 2013 till 2015

  • Darnell Dockett

In 2015

This is a overview of Ashanti boyfriend 2015 with some past relations; she is right now dating with Darnell Dockett and really enjoying a lot. If you want to get regular updates of her dating status then we will try to update posted on the regular basis. After split with Nelly till question are in mind of their back together because after spending such handsome time its not easy to forgotten these memories so chance of back is quite high in this situation.


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