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At present she is the best athletes in tennis game. Her each and every game is still unpredictable and can be change at any time so she is thought as the most rounded player on the tour. She hits the ball with top spin, slice, both sides and on flat that’ why her every game is full of variety and artistry. She got fame because of two things i.e. due to muscular physique and due to losing grand-Slam tournament. She has won several titles in this field. Amelie Mauresmo Partner Girlfriend: Apart from the professional life she was also a lesbian. During the Australian Open it was publicly that she was a lesbian. In was reported that one friend of her named Demoongoeat introduced Amiele to her close friend named Sylvie Bourdon. Soon it was seen that both Bourdon and Amelie start interacting with each other and by the time both feel love for each other. Due to this act she had to leave his parents home and to live with the new partner Bourdon. Her family was not accepting her thus the move intensifying tensions between her family and Amelie. Whole family do boycott of her that was the very tough time for her. After three years, her relationship with Bourdon ended up.

Amelie Mauresmo Boyfriend Baby Father 2016: Till Not Revealed

After her, Pascale Arribe became the new love of her. She was again accepted by her family. Year 2003 was very tragic year for her because her relation with Pascale got break. In 2004 she did her best and got various titles and tournaments. In 2009 she was officially retired from her career. Since 2014 she has coached Andy Murray. In April 2015, Amelie Mauresmo declares that she is expecting a baby with her partner. Now in August, she welcomed a baby boy. But till it’s keep secret that who is the baby daddy of this kid.

  • Amelie Mauresmo Baby Name: Aaron

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  • Who is Amelie Mauresmo Husband? Till Not Married

Early Life: Amelie Simone Mauresmo was born in a town of Paris; France named St.-Germain-en-Laye. She is the daughter of Francoise Mauresmo and Francis Mauresmo. Her mother Francoise was a house wife while her father Francis was an engineer at paint factory. Neither her father nor her mother was athletic but some regal build inherited to her from father. She belonged to a middle class family. She has one brother named Fabien who is also an engineer by profession. In 1983, when she turned to four years, her interest automatically moved in playing tennis at that time she was fond of watching France’s Yannik Noah, still a great player and a best friend of her.

Amelie Mauresmo relation

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At that time Amelie tried to copy her all the action when she used to play in the garden. Francoise and Francis decided to buy a racket for her so that she plays herself. At the age of 11, she was very well trained and decided to take admission in a a Tennis School that given training. After the 3 years of hard work she said to her parents that “there is also a world outside this tennis so I don’t want to continue this anymore”. Her parents accepted her decision, just for the 3 weeks she didn’t played tennis.

This is a short overview of Amelie Mauresmo life, but her relationship life is really complex. First she was openly introduced as a Lesbian with her partner or girlfriend. But now question is raising about her boyfriend or husband after she gives birth to baby. Meanwhile she not revealed the baby father name, hopefully in 2016 name who is he to married may come. Now we must need to wait, in upcoming days more things must come about her relationship that also confirm about her romantically interest that is in men or women.


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